Retail Entertainment

Our goal is to be the leading staffing agency within retail.

We have always put a big effort in motivating and training our staff, and this year won’t be an exception.

STHLM Retail Staff is proud to present our new in-store retail entertainment concepts that will give you that extra boost to increase your sales in stores.
This is a preview, exclusively for our clients and part


Personalized Gift Packaging Service

We print personalized satin ribbons on site and gift rap your products. This is a perfect fun and exclusive GWP for your sales promotion our product launches.


Exclusive Engraving Service

We have created concept where we provide the client with high end shopping experience.
Make sure to book your engraving service with our trained staff.
You will be able to engrave customized prints on specific products and offer your customers that little extra that they can´t find anywhere else.


Quick fix Beauty Bar

Engage and spoil the customers in your POS and promote your brand.
This concept can be used in several different ways, only the sky´s the limit
Offer this service as a gift with purchase or use it to increase the sales or to build your brand image.


Nail-Bar Express

Nail-Bar Express

With this concept we create a great happening that will engage, pamper and boost the sales of your brands.


Barber Event´s

Our barbers and barber chairs is moveable. It´s a eye catching and cool in store event.