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STHLM Retail Staff – All over scandinavia! 


STHLM Retail Staff is an international retail staffing company, operating in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. We are active in both the Travel Retail and the Domestic markets, providing the right skilled staff dedicated for your promotion activities and special events. 
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/Jonas Kronlund, Founder

STHLM Retail Staff recruited and trained highly motivated sales staff to support our seasonal consumer promotion at Swedish airport shops. By advising the consumers on product features and demonstrating the correct usage of our products, the experienced promotion hostesses made a significant contribution to achieve our ambitious sales targets for those airport shops
— Ralph Brandt, Travel Retail Sales Director
Thanks to their professional, dependable and accommodating attitude, STHLM Retail Staff takes secure overall responsibility for my activity. They have complete understanding of my wishes and products and quickly grasp my product properties. They understand the importance of hiring out personnel with exactly the right background, giving the promotion activity better results. I always feel like I’m in good hands
— Jorunn Horstad, Retail Specialist Coty, Travel Retail

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